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1888 Building Buildings

1888 Building (Grattan St main entrance at centre), 1888 Building
1888 Building (Grattan St main entrance at centre)
East Wing entrance, 1888 Building
East Wing entrance
West Wing entrance (right hand door), 1888 Building
West Wing entrance (right hand door)
External door to Printroom, 1888 Building
External door to Printroom
Back entrance with ramp (lift to the right)., 1888 Building
Back entrance with ramp (lift to the right).
Rear doors, accessible from Ross McKay Courtyard, 1888 Building
Rear doors, accessible from Ross McKay Courtyard

This building housed the Melbourne Teachers’ College until 1994 but is now home to the Graduate Centre, which is co-administered by the Graduate Student Association and the Melbourne School of Graduate Research. Together they provide a range of programs, computer labs, meeting rooms, a printing centre, lounge and kitchen areas, study corrals and other facilities and services for postgrad students. Outside business hours, your student ID card may be used to enter and exit.

The 1888 Building was designed by the Victorian Public Works Department. Features include stained glass windows and ceramic tiled portraits commemorating those staff and students who served in the First World War. Thanks to the generosity of paper magnate Richard Pratt, the 1888 Building was renovated under the direction of conservation architects Allom Lovell and Associates, and reopened in 1996. At the top of the stairs is the splendid Gryphon Gallery, formerly the examination hall, with a moving stained-glass memorial to the teachers who died in World War I. If the door is locked, ask at the entrance to see the Gallery.


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